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          China Business Headquarters
          Address: Guangdong Province Huang Po Town, Zhongshan City, three highway 111 West Avenue Xingpu
          Tel: + 86-0760-23223338

          Fax: + 86-0760-23223330

          Business Telephone:+86-0760-88771362(88771361)

          Screen Ink Sales Director: Miss Wu 13902593080

          Gravure Ink Sales Director:Mr Li 13802646882

          Postal Code: 528429
          Website: www.016985.com
          Email: megaink@163.com
          Total production base in China
          Address: Gaoming District, more to the town of Foshan, Guangdong Province more to Whitehead Road, Industrial Area
          Phone: + 86-757-88321333,88321335
          Fax: + 86-757-88321336

          Postal Code: 528522